About Bobblehead

1)Do I need to pay for head bobble? 

We receive this question a lot, the answer is NO, all our heads bobble and you no need to pay extra. We use a spring that is molded from the body into the head. 

2)I do not want the head to bobble, can you make my doll with a non-bobble head?

Yes, as stated before all our heads bobble - so on the order form, you simply have to specify you do NOT want the head to bobble and we will make it without the standard bobble head doll feature - no spring.

3)What are Custom Bobble Head Dolls made of?

We use both polymer clay and resin to make custom bobblehead.

4) What’s The Size Of The Bobblehead?

All the standard bobbleheads sizes are between 6.5 and 7.5 inches when standing. As all the bobbleheads are custom made and 100% hand craft, slight size tolerance will be considered as allowance. If you like to make your bobblehead in bigger or smaller sized, just feel free to let us know, we will exclusively make the custom size bobblehead for you.

5)What’s The Weight Of The Bobblehead?

The specific weight of the bobblehead depends on the type of the bobbleheads, single or double bobbleheads. Beside, the accessories like car or motor will affects the weight. Basically, the net weight of a single bobblehead is about 350 g  and a couple bobblehead is about 700 g.

6)Can you make the bobblehead in accordance with my demand?

Yes, we are focus on the needs of our customers and we can fully make the bobblehead as per your request. Please feel free to contact us and advise your requirement. Our talented sculptors can make the bobblehead as long as you can imagine. Or you can place your order with the model of Fully Customized. You imagine it, we can make it.


About Price

7)What’s your price?

We have very good price for customers and offer discount different times of year.

8) I am ordering a set number of custom bobbleheads - can I get a discount?

Sure, we appreciate you for bulk order and we supply Coupon Codes for you to use, please contact us for more details.


About proof

9)What is the proof stages for each bobblehead?

Normally there are three proof stages for each order - Head Proof, Body Proof and Finished Proof. We will send the Head and body Proof to our customers after complete. Finished Proof would be sent to our customer before shipment, we will not send out bobblehead before get your final approval.

1.Head Proof - Head proof is the most important and crucial for the whole bobblehead. So please pay more attention on this stage. To start with, our talented sculptor make the head in detail to resemble your primary photo and send you the first proof. You can make any change to features like nose, mouth and eyes, however you can't change the skin.And our sculptor will change the head according to your comment and then send you the proof again until you are satisfied with it. Once you approve it we will bake the head and no change is allowed.

2.Body Proof - Usually the body is standard and we only allow minor changes to it.

3.Finished Proof - With your approval for the head and body, we will mounte the head on the body with a spring so that the head can be bobbling. In this stage, no more revisions as the doll is baked. 

We kindly remind: REVISIONS can and will effect delivery times, therefore multi-revisions will normally exceed your expected delivery date as we need your email authorization to proceed from step to step. It is noted that bobbleheads are more of a caricature of the person and does not necessarily mirror 100% of that person's likeness.


About re-sculpt

10)What if I want to have my bobblehead re-clayed or re-remodeled by using another main photo?

Yes, we can do that. There is cost of $30 of re-claying/re-modeling from scratch though.


About shipment

11)What’s The Turn Around Time Of A Bobble Head?

The turn around time of a bobble head is 3 business days to 2-3 weeks depending on how rush you need the item. Please review our shipping info. for more details. 

12)Will you inform me when you ship my bobblehead?

Yes, when we complete your bobblehead we will send you an email with the detail of shipment - tracking site and tracking number for you to check it out.

 13)What can I do if the bobblehead is broken when I receive?

We are pay more attention to the packing and triple-check before shipping and thus we have a very low case rate of breakage. It's very important to check the integrality for the bobblehead before you sign the package and please contact us immediately if the bobbehead were broken, we will respond to you how to resolve this issue.


About Payment

14)What to do if I have a problem making the payment?

Make sure the person's name and the shipping address in our system match with the credit card holder. If you are using company's credit card, the information you entered in our system (including mailing address) must be the same information as the credit card holder. 

15) How if i don't have a paypal account? / How if I want to pay with my credit card?
You can pay with your credit card / debit card directly through Paypal payment gateway without a paypal account,  Paypal support all credit card / debit card, you can choose "pay with my credit card "  at Paypal payment page, it is easy and safe for you. For more info. Please review our payment info page.